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The success of projects I facilitate comes from a combination of great interpersonal relationships, professionalism and experience.


Great interpersonal relationships


The enjoyment I get from my work comes to a large extent from the relationships I have with my clients.

I invest in getting to know you on a personal level and understanding what interests you, as well as having a clear idea of the objectives of your project.

Equal to my relationship to you is the close relationship I have to so many people living in Varanasi.


Having lived here for so many years, I have established long lasting connections with models, trades people and businesses where we can work to mutual benefit.




​My focus in our relationship is to help you achieve your objectives - usually this means outstanding photographs.

Preparation is key, but I can also think on my feet when circumstances change or there is an advantage of light or subject to be had.

The results I've helped achieve speak for themselves.




For many years I have been connecting photographers to people, subjects and locations.


Each project is unique and brings with it a range of challenges, and where I can help is finding solutions – some old and some new – to personal and practical problems. It certainly helps to have already come across many situations where I have needed to ‘fix’ or improvise a solution.

I know many places where foreigners cannot go alone, and many special locations for photography.

And along the way, I’m adding to my personal skills and interest in photography – with some of the best teachers around!

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