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I'm Manoj Yadav - a Fixer and Guide based in Varanasi, India

​Since 2008 I have provided services to many world-famous photographers, videographers, TV film crews, journalists, and tourists working in the Holy City of Varanasi and throughout India's ancient and modern cultural sites.

​​“If you’re looking for the very best in the business, ie, for a reliable and experienced professional who will do the job the way you need it done when you need it done, go with Manoj because he is absolutely the best.

You will never find anyone better.”

Norman E Riley

“Manoj is a really good fixer!”

Matt Brandon

​“I met Manoj in 2015 and he has since become a good friend. Now, I call him every time I come to India. Manoj helps me interact with subjects and is always willing to guide me to the next adventure.

He knows every corner and hidden place in the city and his charisma makes him an invaluable asset to any traveler. Thanks Manoj Yadav for your precious help!”

Réhahan Hoian

​“I think that Manoj is very tuned to his clients, trying to understand what interests them, and showing them what they would find fascinating.

Manoj has great interpersonal relationships, this helps him with the clients, and also with the subjects the clients want to photograph.”

Yoram Biberman

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