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“I met Manoj in 2015 and he has since become a good friend. Now, I call him every time I come to India. Manoj helps me interact with subjects and is always willing to guide me to the next adventure.


Make sure to contact Manoj if you come to Varanasi. He knows every corner and hidden place in the city and his charisma makes him an invaluable asset to any traveler!”


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Matt Brandon

“He is a really good fixer"

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​“I shoot large format film, which means I work on a tripod in a manner that is slow and deliberate and that often attracts attention owing to the unusual nature of the equipment involved.

To help me navigate my way through the galis, around the ghats, and elsewhere in the ancient City of Varanasi, I hired Manoj to be my fixer and guide for a period of three weeks. I could not have made a better choice. Manoj met me at the airport, escorted me to my hotel, and went to great lengths afterward to assure that I had all the things I needed to make my stay as pleasant as possible.

Manoj proved himself to be invaluable to me as a fixer, translator, guide, and capable assistant during my time in Varanasi. He was able to get me into places I might not have managed to enter alone, and was extremely helpful to me in a variety of other very important ways (e.g., in arranging transportation, meals, obtaining permission to photograph certain subjects, and in preventing others from walking or driving through scenes as I made my exposures).


Manoj was extremely patient, careful, and helpful in answering my many questions about Indian culture and customs, and in assuring that I never paid more than necessary or fair for the things I purchased during my stay.


The fact that he speaks excellent English was, of course, enormously helpful and convenient. He knows the city, he knows it people, and he does his utmost to assure that your particular needs and interests are satisfied. If you’re looking for the average fixer and guide, go with whoever you like.


If you’re looking for the very best in the business, ie., for a reliable and experienced professional who will do the job the way you need it done when you need it done, go with Manoj because he is absolutely the best.


You will never find anyone better.”

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