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Hello, I’m Manoj

- the luckiest fixer alive!

I grew up in Varanasi and have based my fixing service here since 2008.

The success of projects I facilitate comes from a blend of great interpersonal relationships, professionalism and experience.

I speak English as well as my native Hindi, and studied History at Veer Bahadur Singh Purvanchal University near Varanasi. The experience and understanding of western cultures I have gained on my travels outside India help me to provide a high-quality professional service.

Although based in Varanasi, I work all over India, for example I have recently completed projects in Ladakh and Rajasthan.

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I can also provide guide services for individuals or groups, who want to explore the normal or extraordinary areas of life in Varanasi.

I usually work by day or week, or I can work longer.

We can travel by foot, auto rikshaw, bike, boat, taxi, moped or tractor!

I am also involved in local charities that help the Dalit, the lowest Caste, who are also called untouchables in India.

This rewarding work keeps me grounded and allows me to give back to my community.

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